Our Charism

So what is Charism?

Charism is the original story and spirit of our school.

For us at Reignier, this is the story of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (the Mission Sisters) and how they founded our school.

The Mission Sisters believed that children and young people should be at the centre of our schools.

Our Foundress, Euphrasie Barbier encouraged the sisters to care lovingly for the children in their care so that students were formed to be loving young men and women able to make a significant contribution to their family and society.

This is what makes us what we are as a community

The monogram of the Mission Sisters’ schools has V K emblazoned on the crest for Virtue and Knowledge. These two values were very strong in Euphrasie Barbier’s vision for education, “The children should receive thorough and practical religious instruction which will develop in their minds and hearts the virtues of faith, hope and charity and all other Christian virtues.”

The children in these schools strive for personal excellence, learn respect for others, have a heart for the world, respect for creation and the environment and a strong awareness of mission with a global consciousness.

Our Houses reflect our Charism

Our four Houses are named after significant Catholic identities.

Aubert (blue) – Venerable Mother Mary Aubert (also known as Suzanne Aubert) was involved in setting up the Sisters of Compassion and Homes of Compassion.  She spent time in Meeanee and is currently being investigated by Rome to possibly become the first New Zealand saint.

Pompallier (green) – Bishop Pompallier, who at the time was the Bishop of Western Oceania, celebrated the first Catholic mass in Hokianga on January 13, 1838.

Barbier (gold) – Euphraise Barbier was the foundress of Our Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission and Reignier Catholic School.

Chanel (red) – Saint Peter Chanel was the first martyr of Oceania and is the patron saint of Oceania.