School History

Reignier became an Integrated School on 24 November 1982.

Like all schools, either primary or secondary, founded by the sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, Reignier School’s motto is – VIRTUE AND KNOWLEDGE. Our school is under the patronage of St Joseph.


We celebrate our school feast day on 19 March.

In 1873 Father Reignier began a Parish school next to the old St Mary’s church in Meeanee. The school began under the management of Mr B Hammill and had boarders. Later the Sisters of St Joseph took over the school until the school was moved to Guppy Road due to continued flooding. The school on its present site of 1.6020 hectares was opened in 1926 under the name of St Joseph’s Primary School which continued till 1974. It was very confusing with so many schools in the Hawke’s Bay area having that same name, hence the name change. From 1926 to 1998 the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions offered to teach staff to the school. Father Euloge Reignier SM, 1811-1888, whom the school is now called after, was one of the early French Marist Fathers who worked diligently in this area, under considerable hardship and inconvenience.