School Vision and Charter

Mission Statement

An outstanding education achieved through virtue and knowledge in a Catholic community

Vision Statement

Achievement through excellence in all we do and commitment to the Catholic Faith

Success is:

A culture of learning, success and leadership resulting in success for every student

Active, engaged learners participating in vibrant learning opportunities

Recognition and celebration of success

Excited, committed teachers and parents

Active, supportive Catholic culture with many examples of living the Catholic faith

Education that is flexible, open to change and risk-taking

Core Beliefs and Values

The Reignier Catholic School community will be challenged to achieve excellence in all their endeavour.

The Reignier Catholic School community will act with responsibility and be accountable and ethical in accordance with the characteristics of the Christian life.

The Reignier Catholic School community will show justice and compassion towards others, the courage of conviction, the ability to recognise and reconcile differences and to develop an understanding of true equality in the eyes of God.

Reignier Catholic School is part of a faith-filled community. The community will actively participate and serve within their home, school, parish and global communities for the good of others.

The school will enhance and foster respect for others, an appreciation of their differences, respect for the environment and honour the values reflected in the family and the wider community.

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Reignier Catholic School – 2663 – Annual Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2021 – Final